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AFS389/ANT 385/ENVS 385 The Politics of Natural Resources : Anthropological Perspectives: Getting Started

Another Scramble for Africa

Poster for Africa: Exploitation & Resistance Conference June 11, Oxford, Gt. Brit.

Africa and the Natural Resource Crisis

This guide will direct you to resources for your AFS 389/ANT/385/ENVS 385 research paper

Your assignment:

Final Paper:

The class paper (10-12 double-spaced pages--12 point font) should explore a particular case relevant to natural resource wealth and exploitation in Africa.  Students with will have a session with the African Studies librarian to familiarize themselves with sources that will become useful in writing this paper.  Sources for this paper must include books, research reports, journal articles or other scholarly publications, in addition to internet citations.  In the final 2 weeks of the class, the students will present summaries of their class papers.

This project offers you an opportunity to investigate in more depth an issue or topic connected to our class discussions and that relates to natural resource extraction in African contexts.  You should write your paper based on 4-5 additional articles from peer-reviewed journals or chapters from edited volumes or academic monographs.  One of these texts may be a film. 

In 8-10 double-spaced pages, your paper should:

  1. Tie in one or more key concepts from the course (for example: ideas of Africa; the socio-technical aspect of resource issues; the concept of ‘the resource curse’ and critiques of it, the fetishism of commodities);
  2. Be sure to cite at least one class reading
  3. analyze (not simply summarize) ideas and findings of the texts you read; and
  4. make an argument (for example, an argument for a certain type of solution, a certain way of defining the problem or a certain theoretical approach).

Your paper and presentation are worth 25% of your grade.

Subject Librarian

Philip S. MacLeod
Bibliographer for Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Luso-Hispanic Studies, African Studies and Comparative Literature
Robert W. Woodruff Library
Emory University
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