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Emory’s Artists’ Archives: Managing Personal Collections: Workshop Materials

Emory University’s Robert W. Woodruff Library and Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library are hosting a workshop to introduce artists to practical strategies for the long-term management of their archives.

Types of Materials - A Glossary

Reference materials - books, photographs, files, clippings, sample materials, etc. that are used for inspiring or planning work.

Process records - materials document the process of art production -- making the artwork. This includes information about paints, stones, or other media; sketches; photographs of the artwork in progress or in particular settings; information about installation; etc.

Business records - materials that document the business aspects of art production, exhibition, and sales.  Business records include information about galleries or buyers, print or digital catalogs from shows, etc.

Artwork - while "artwork" clearly includes the art object itself (in whatever form it takes), it also includes records of information about the piece, like the year of production, medium, artist statements, etc.

Workshop Presentations

Strategies for Organization: Process and Business Records - Carrie Hintz

Good, better, best practices for Digital Materials - Dorry Waugh

White Gloves? Preservation practices from poor to perfect—demystified - Julie Newton

Best Practices For  Saving Materials In  An Emergency - Ann Frellsen

 - Dorry Waugh (poster from a few years back)

Email, Web, and Social Media

Sample Artwork Inventory Form from GYST

Title of Work          Inventory #

Medium(s)             Date Created

Category                Size

Status                     Edition

Image file name      Signature location

Image file location   Price

Work description      Notes

Expenses total

Date Sold

Collected by

Sold by

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