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Data Resources and Support: International Trade

Support for locating and working with datasets, statistical information, and geographic data.

International Trade

Katherine Barbieri's International Trade Dataset--Professor Katherine Barbieri at the University of South Carolina has compiled a dataset of national and bilateral trade flows covering the years 1870-2006. This dataset (and others) is freely available for download.

Center for International Data at UCDavis--This site at UC Davis contains links to sources for product-specific bilateral trade data for many countries and their trading partners from 1962 to 2000.Data for trade and tariff data for the United States are also available from this site - choose "U.S. Import and Export Data" or "U.S. Tariff Data" from the "Quick Links" menu.

Kristian Gleditsch's "ExpandedTrade and GDP Data"--This data collection from Professor Kristian Gleditsch at the University of Essex includes both bilateral trade data for the period 1948-2000 and GDP/capita data for 1950-2000.

Paul Hensel - International Trade Databases--UNT Professor Paul Hensel has compiled a number of useful links on trade flows and trade policy.

IMF Balance of Payments Statistics (via the IMF's eLibrary)--The BOPS contains detailed data on countries' international economic transactions in their current accounts, capital accounts, and financial accounts. Topics covered include trade in goods and services, foreign direct investment, portfolio investment, and holdings of reserve assets. Also available as ICPSR Study #8623. The BOPS is also accessible via Databases at Emory and on CD-ROM in the Data Center.

IMF Direction of Trade Statistics (via the IMF's eLibrary)--The DOTS contains monthly, quarterly, and yearly data on countries' exports and imports, broken down by individual trade partners. Also available as ICPSR Study #7628. The DOTS is also accessible via Databases at Emory and on CD-ROM in the Data Center.

International Trade Administration (ITA)--The ITA, which is situated within the Department of Commerce, is encharged with promoting access to foreign markets for U.S. exports.Amongst other things, the ITA is a good source for national and state-level data on exports and imports of merchandise goods.

International Trade Commission (ITC)--The ITC is an (ostensibly) independent federal agency that conducts investigations into "unfair" trading practices (e.g. dumping) in conjunction with the International Trade Administration.The ITC's website includes resources such as Tariff Information Center, which provides access to the tariff schedules for the United States, and the Interactive Tariff and Trade Dataweb, which allows users to query ITC databases on tariffs and trade amounts for specific products.

National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Trade Database--The NBER Trade Database contains multiple data sources measuring trade flows and countries' endowments in factors of production. It is available on CD-ROM in the Data Center.

OECD iLibrary--The OECD iLibrary is an online interface that provides full-text access to OECD studies, periodicals, and the OECD.Stat collection of statistical databases. The topical range of the iLibrary is considerable and covers areas such as agricultural policies, environmental indicators, social expenditures, labour markets, national accounts, foreign trade and FDI, and various industry-level data. While its focus is on wealthier developed countries, the iLibrary also includes OECD reports and publications on selected non-member countries such as the BRIC countries of Brazil, Russia, India, and China. OECD iLibrary is also accessible via Databases at Emory.

UNCTAD Trade Analysis and Information System (TRAINS)--TRAINS is a bilateral trade database from United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Statistics that provides product-specific data on tariffs and non-tariff measures. TRAINS is also available via the World Bank's World DataBank (scroll down the "Select Database" menu). Older versions of TRAINS are also available on CD-ROM on all the EDC workstations.

United Nations Commodity Statistics Trade Database (Comtrade)--Comtrade provides commodity-specific bilateral trade data, for 1962 onwards. Users can create their own extracts of data for both value and quantity of trade using different industrial classification codes and download those extracts for later use. Comtrade is also accessible via Databases at Emory.

UNCTAD Handbook of Statistics--UNCTAD's on-line Handbook of Statistics contains much trade-related data, including data on trade in services, diversification of exports and imports, and some data on various tariffs (usually on broad categories of goods). The temporal coverage is often somewhat limited, but users can download data into Microsoft Excel.

World Bank Trade Data--The World Bank holds several databases on trade and production, trade and services, and tariffs that users can download. The Trade and Production Database may be of particular interest due to its detailed industry-level production, trade, and tariff data. Be warned - addresses of World Bank websites such as the ones here tend to change without warning.

World Integrated Trade Solution (WITS)--WITS is a joint undertaking of UNCTAD, the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization to integrate various databases on trade flows and trade restrictions. The WITS databases provide information on tariff schedules, non-tariff measures, and bilateral trade and tariff levels. Registration is required to use the WITS interface, but that registration is free of cost.

World Trade Organization International Trade and Tariff Data--The WTO has various collections of statistical information on countries' trade flows, as well as data collections on tariff rates (see also this WTO collection).

World Trade Analyzer (WTA)--The WTA contains data on bilateral trade flows from 1980 to 1999 in specific products down to the 4-digit SITC code. A more recent version of the WTA covers the years 1988-2005 and includes data on post-communist countries in Eastern Europe. Both versions are available in the Data Center.

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