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Digital Image Guide - Finding, Using, and Creating Digital Image Collections: Emory's Digital Image Community

This guide is to help you learn more about digital images resources for the Emory University Community. It also has policies, guidelines, and an application form for faculty who want library assistance in creating their own digital image collection.



Contact Kim Collins for inclusion in the group

Emory's Digital Image Group

Vision:  Help continue the momentum for Emory's  visual scholarship.  Create dialogue and partnership between groups at Emory that have traditionally been disconnected, such as IT, Library Technologists, legal,  content creators, centers, museums, and academic departments.

Membership: Laura Akerman, Becky Baldwin, Rebekah Bedard, Steve Bransford, Kim Collins, Kathy Hayes, Elizabeth Hornor, Frank D Jackson, Raymond Jones, Melanie Kowalski, Todd Lamkin, Lisa Alsing Macklin, Clayton McGahee, Wayne Morse, Jr., Simon O’Riordan, Heather Oswald, Michael Page, Emily Porter, Elizabeth Russey Roke,  Kristian Serrano, Megan Slemons, Gretchen Warner, Laura Wingfield


Instructions/guidelines/help/ training

o   End-user training workshops and online help material

o   Training for community of content creators

o   Provide information that helps clarify use rights (rights & permissions)

o   Create metadata templates for Emory Visual collections


o   Develop workflow for a suite of products that Emory uses for image management

Web presence

o   Landing page

o   List of image collections and related people

o   Libguide with up-to-date help

Recommendations / decision tree

MEETINGS: 3 or 4 times a year (with smaller sub-groups formed)

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