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Information for Social Scientists, Issue 48, March 2012: Front

Ongoing library newsletter intended for faculty and graduate students in the social sciences

In This Issue

This e-only issue of ISS is loaded with content, particularly focusing on electronic information developments here at Emory and beyond.

Tab 1, Citation tracking is an established way to evaluate academic reputations. Is it accurate for social scientists?

Electronic Subject Resources (Tab 2) highlights new social science resources acquired since the fall issue of ISS. Very exciting is PressDisplay: presenting current editions of over 1200 newspapers from 94 countries in 48 languages (with built-in translation & audio features), Izvestiia Digital Archive, and China Core Newspapers. Non-newspaper collections include Rock and Roll Counterculture, Peace and Protest, 1950-1978.

There is so much information on e-books and and how to use them that we've split it into two tabs: Tab 3  for content and Tab 4 for info on using mobiles for reading. Remember you can now check out e-readers such as Nooks and iPads from the library.

Tab 5 introduces the new bX Recommender Service for articles, which leads you from one article of interest to others that academic users have found.

If you have a digital project on your mind, check out DiSC (Tab 6). DiSC is looking for the next round of digital interdisciplinary projects that  highlight library collections. There's a particular interest in projects related to Atlanta. Deadline is April 20th.

OpenEmory (Tab 7) discusses the digital repository for your research that will be launched this summer. Help test and design the site this spring.

Tab 8 reviews status of Level 9, MARBL construction for spring and summer.

In light of various natural disasters, it might be wise to consult the Preservation and Conservation libguide featured in our Handy Guides section in Tab 10. There are many new and updated offerings.

If you have library-related instructional needs or suggestions for the collection, check out "How to.." at Tab 11.

Finally, we bid farewell to Liz Cooper, Anthropology Librarian, and hello to Lori Jahnke, the new Librarian for Anthropology. Also featured is a list of continuing library staff who support social science departments. With pictures. Tab 12.

As always, we welcome your feedback. Use the handy link in Tab 13.

Back issues of this publication are available here.

Welcome Back to ISS

Information for Social Scientists (ISS) is the General Libraries' continuing newsletter that highlights information resources and services of interest to social scientists.

In keeping with President Wagner's request to pay close attention to the volume of paper announcements and mailings, this newsletter is now published e-only.

We welcome your comments.  Let us hear from you so that ISS will continue to be useful to the Emory social science community.  Please e-mail our ISS editor, Liz McBride.

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Back issues of this publication are available here.

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