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*African Studies Research Guide: Films: African Films @Emory

Finding films about Africa at Emory and elsewhere plus finding articles and books about African films.

Using the Collection

Use of Emory film collection is guided by U.S. copyright law.

Individuals can view films in the Music and Media Library and there is a smaller circulating collection.

Films can also be checked out for classroom use.

Copyright restrictions apply to public showing of films outside a classroom.  This includes showing films at clubs, public lectures, or film series. It does not matter if the showing is free.

Films may be shown if the library owns public performance rights or the film is in the public domain. The Emory Music and Media Library staff can work with you to determine the licensing and viewing rules for titles in the film collection.

More information on the use of Emory films is found on Music and Media Library. See also

African Films@Emory

Emory's has a large and growing collection of over 1000 films related to Africa or by African filmmakers. The media collection includes documentaries and feature films as well as television programs. This collection is primarily housed in the Heilbrun Music and Media Library on the 4th floor of the Woodruff Library. Locate films by using discoverE.

African films obtained through 2008 are identified by the searchable key word phrase "African Studies films."  Insert that phrase into the keyword search in discoverE and you will get a list of the film collection as of 2008. Go to discoverE's  Advance Search and combine  "African Studies films" in a search box with another search element and you can limit your request to African Studies films only. For example, combine "African Studies films" and "aids."

To locate all African films, including those, acquired after 2008, see the box on finding films in discoverE below.  To restrict searches to a particular country try the subject heading "motion pictures- (insert country)", eg

Motion pictures -- Africa;
Motion pictures -- Nigeria

If you only want films vs. books on the topic, remember to restrict your search to material type "video."

Film, Media and Video Resources for African Studies  a searchable database of the Woodruff Library's collection of African film and video titles thorugh 2008 developed by Dr. Corrinne Kratz is not currently active. Use discoverE  to locate titles.

Ethnographic Video Online

Ethnographic Video Online

Collection of documentary films in streaming video format for the visual study of human culture and behavior. Includes classic and contemporary documentaries produced by leading video producers in the discipline; previously unpublished footage from working anthropologists and ethnographers in the field; and select feature films.

Over 200 African films included by 2014. Searchable by geography, ethnic group, subject, author/ethnographer and more. Titles also in discoverE. Provides the ability to make video clips. Transcripts usually included.

Use discoverE to Find Films

Use discoverE's catalog tab to find audiovisuals as well as books, journals government documents, microfilm collections and other materials at the Emory libraries, which include Woodruff, Pitts Theology, Health Sciences Center, McMillan Law, Guy Chemistry, Math & Science Center and, Oxford libraries.

Select Advanced Search and limit your search to videos using discoverE's drop down menu under Material Type.

If you do a simple search using keywords, you will have an option to select videos on the left hand side of your screen under Refine Search Results.

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