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Locating basic Facts

Begin researching your renewable energy source using these two sources

Did you know? If you combine ethanol with gasoline you can reduce emissions by 65%. You can use geothermal energy to heat a greenhouse and power entire cities. These are examples of the wealth of information available from the Encyclopedia of Energy.

Encyclopedia of Energy

TJ 163.28.E53

Reference shelves

2nd floor, Main Library.

Did you know? Washington state is the leading producer of hydroelectric power whereas in 2012 Texas leads in wind power production in the U.S. The Energy Information Administration from the Department of Energy publishes this data and much more.

Did you know? Geothermal power is a good option in the state of Georgia? Find out more from the DOE's U.S. State Energy Maps & Statistics.

Also use the DOE site Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy.

Locating the Hot Issues

Use newspaper and journal articles to identify the latest issues related to renewable energy. You can learn about the pros/cons of using renewable energy sources by reading perspectives from researchers, policy analysts, economists, and the average citizen.

For additional articles, try other environmental databases. Or, contact Kristan Majors for assistance.

Georgia & Energy Sources

Map source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Data from USDA, Forest residue resources for biomass.

According to the EIA, in 2014 Georgia ranked 10th in net electricity generation. Based on a 2013 report, Georgia is ranked 19th for ethanol production. Hydopower is the leading renewable energy source in Georgia. For specific information about Georgia's renewable energy profile, see the latest reports at the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Additional Information

Locate books about renewable energy sources using DiscoverE.

Not sure how to find books? Read this FAQ.


If you need additional information and assistance, please contact Kristan Majors via LearnLink.

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