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ARTHIST 282 Arts of Africa (Fall 2016): Getting Started

This course will examine a diverse body of artworks from Eastern and Southern Africa in their historical, sociopolitical, and cultural contexts (including prehistoric, early empire, colonial, postcolonial, transnational and global frameworks). Beginning w

Finding Books - Emory's discoverE

Use discoverE to find books, journals, videos,  and other materials at the Emory libraries. 

Interlibrary Loan

Using Interlibrary Loan (ILL), you can:

  • borrow books and more from other libraries
  • get copies of articles that Emory doesn't own

You will be notified when your materials arrive (most materials are obtained within 2 weeks).


To search the holdings of other libraries, use WorldCat.

If you find an item you want, click on the button to go to discoverE (for a local Emory call number) or to the ILLIAD link for a prepopulated interlibrary loan request form.


Oxford Art Online (incl. Grove Art)
 Oxford Art Online includes Grove Art Online (an encyclopedia of over 40,000 articles covering art, artists, and all forms of the visual arts: painting, sculpture, architecture, graphic and decorative arts, and photography).  Africa entry includes: I. Introduction. II. Art and aesthetics. III. Contexts of production and use. IV. Imagery and iconography. V. Materials and techniques. VI. Art forms. VII. Regions. VIII. Diaspora. IX. Contemporary developments. X. Forgery. XI. Historiography. XII. Museums. XIII. Exhibitions. XIV. Collectors and dealers.  XV. Art libraries and photographic collections.

Contemporary African Art. Sidney Littlefield Kasfir. 1999
Contemporary Art of Africa. Andre Magnin, ed., 1996.
New Currents, Ancient Rivers: Contemporary African Artists in a Generation of Change.  Jean Kennedy, 1992
Africa: an Encyclopedia for Students. John Middleton, ed., 2002
Modern African Art: A Basic Reading List.  Warren M. Robbins Library, National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution.  Compiled since 1995 and updated continuously.  Includes surveys, texts, and exhibition catalogs. Searchable by region and country.
Africana Collections: An Illustrated Guide.  African and Middle Eastern Reading Room, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.  See also:  African Peoples' Encounters with Others.
Art and Artists Files in the Smithsonian Libraries Collections. Emerging regional and local artists. Browse by artist last name or country.
Africa Maps. Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection, University of Texas at Austin.
Maps of Africa, from Art and Life in Africa. University of Iowa, Iowa City.

Subject Guide

Call Numbers (Finding Books in the Stacks)

Learn more about the here: Library of Congress call numbers --

Most of the Emory libraries use the Library of Congress classification system of letters and numbers to group materials by subject. These call numbers are listed in discoverE and marked on each book. Use our call number guide to find out which floor of the library has the book you need. 


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