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CHN 368: Writing Women in Traditional China: Finding Books

This guide is created for the class of Writing Women in Traditional China. It provides the students in this class with library resources that related to their' research projects and research papers. It also directs students to the useful links and tools

Resources Emory Doesn't Have

When you need some books, journals, journal articles, newspapers that Emory library does not have, the library's Interlibrary Loan office will help you get them from the library that owns them.  What you need to do is to go to the Interlibrary Loan's webpage and fill in the materials request form, the staff from ILL office will use the information in your request form and get the materials for you.  It usually takes about two weeks to loan the materials.  So, please send your requests as soon as you can, in that case you'll have enough time to use the materials before your paper or project is due.  Below is the link:

 Interlibrary Loan



Web Resources on Women't Writings in Imperial China

1.  The McGill - Harvard - Yenching Library Ming-Qing Women's Writings Digitization Project

          This Project aims to make accessible for scholarly research the valuable collection of writings by women of the Ming-Aing period in the holdings of the Harvard-Yenching Library.

2.  Tradition of Women Poets Flourishes in Old China

        This is a book review for the book "Women Writers of Traditional China - An Anthology of Poetry and Criticism".

3.  Writing Women of Imperial China


Locating Books

Use discoverE to find library resources in the formats of books, journals, films, DVDs, government documents ... in the library locations of Woodruff General Library, Health Sciences Center, McMillan Law Library, Pitts Theology, Math & Science Center and Oxfor Library. If you know the title, just type it in for a simple search.  If you'd like to do the subject search with an author in your mind, you can use the fundtion of  the "Advanced Search" to put more terms in your search.

Examples of Search Results from discoverE:

In Print:  Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women: antiquity through Sui, 1600 B.C.E.-618C.E.:

             Call Num: HQ1767.5 .A3 B56 2007

              Women Writers of Traditional China: an Anthology of Poetry and Criticism.

              Call Num: PL2278 .W65 1999

Online:   Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women, Tang through Ming, 618-1644

Getting Books Emory does Not Own


If you can't find the materials you need from our library, the next step is to use another tool that the library subscribed:  WorldCat.  It is an online catalog of books and other materials held by libraries worldwide.  The titles you find from WorldCat can be retrieved through our Interlibrary Loan office.

GIL Universal Catalog

Another online catalog for the materials in the libraries of all colleges in Georgia is GIL.  The titles you find there can also be available through our Interlibrary Loan office if you don't want to go to the libraries yourself.




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