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Research Guide to EAS 250WR: INTRODUCTION TO EAST ASIAN STUDIES: Introduction on East Asia

This Course Guide provides students with library resources on East Asian Studies for their class projects and research papers. The library resources are divided into the formats of books, journals, films, movies, online databases and so on so forth,

East Asia

East Asia locates in the eastern subregion of the Asian continent geographically.  According to the UN subregion of Eastern Asia and other common definitions of East Asia, the area includes China, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Taiwan and Mongolia.  The East Asian Studies program at Emory mainly includes the studies of China, Japan, Korea and East Asia in general.  The major subject topics, other than languages, are history, culture, anthropology, religion, literature, art, politics, governments and so on so forth.

Map of East Asia




Territory and Region Data



Country Area km² Population Population density
per km²
HDI (2014) Capital
 Taiwan (ROC) 36,188 23,174,528 639 0.890 (2012) Taipei
 South Korea 100,210 51,115,702 500 0.891 Seoul
 North Korea 120,538 24,346,000 198 N/A Pyongyang
 Mongolia 1,564,100 2,809,600 2 0.698 Ulaanbaatar
 Macau (PRC) 30 556,800 18,662 0.868 (2012) Macau
 Japan 377,930 127,950,000 337 0.890 Tokyo
 Hong Kong (PRC) 1,104 7,061,200 6,390 0.891 Hong Kong
 China (PRC) 9,640,011 1,339,724,852 138 0.719 Beijing

Source: WikipediA on East Asia

Subject Guide

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