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English 101: Composing Animals: Find Books & Background Info

A guide for Professor Colvin's Fall 2015 course

Finding a book assignment

Before the library session on Friday October 30, you need to:

  • search for a book on your topic or question, and
  • fill out the Google form in the box below. 

Use the information/video on this page to help you search the library catalog, discoverE (especially the two boxes in the right column).

Both Professor Colvin and I will review your responses.

At the library session, I will be happy to answer any questions that arise from this exercise.

Use the CATALOG TAB on discoverE to find books, journals (titles only, not contents), videos, cds and other materials at all the Emory libraries. OR search Google Books, and if you find a good one that is NOT available fulltext, you can search that title in discoverE.


  • Often, scholarly books are simply collections of articles by different authors! 
  • Even when written by a single author, you can still focus only on the relevant chapters to incorporate research into your assignments.

Here are some useful searches in discoverE:

Human animal relations

Animal Rights

Animals Philosophy

Find a Book Exercise Form

September 10 2007

CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Michael Rosenstein; Flickr


Get Background Info!

The following collections provide good background info.


Of course there's also Wikipedia! See video below to make sure to use Wikipedia most effectively.

How do I find books?

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