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QEP First-Year Seminar Faculty Toolkit

Teaching & Learning Technologies

Teaching & Learning Technologies is comprised of 4 groups:

  • Learning Management focuses on the support of faculty course delivery in the Canvas learning management system.
  • Instructional Technology is focused on support in a variety of disciplines, including instructional technology and design, electronic publishing and Web/social media.
  • Academic Production focuses on video production, primarily for deployment on the Coursera platform, but also building best practices for academic video content on campus.
  • Software Distribution manages the distribution of site-licensed software via the Web.

Individual consultation appointments are available for faculty planning to design Canvas sites or create original media for special projects and in-classroom learning.

Canvas support and training resources -- including 24/7 vendor support via chat, email or phone -- can be found at

Faculty can schedule appointments with TLT team members for instructional and technical support within Canvas at

Canvas features and tools especially relevant to evidence-focused seminars:

  • Content editor options can be expanded, revealing media embedding and code editing options that allow you to present audio, video, images, and text together
  • Rubrics with criteria and levels of achievement are created and used to score and structure feedback for essay assignments, posts, and other online writing
  • Unplag integration enables faculty to compare student assignment submissions against known sources to deter and detect plagiarism
  • Conferences allow students to collaborate and meet in real-time for group work and meetings
  • You can also request review of third-party tools that integrate with Canvas through the enhancement request process

Student Digital Life resources especially relevant to evidence-focused seminars:

  • Presentation practice provides technologically enhanced feedback and competence with presentation technologies
  • Special software in specific computer labs for varied project types and disciplinary methods
  • Technological support to maintain the devices students use to find and store research materials
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