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THEA 215: History of Drama and Theater I: Online Literary Collections

Online Literary Collections

Digital Loeb Classical Library
The Digital Loeb Classical Library is an online version of the Loeb Classical Library series. This series offers introductions, texts, and translations of ancient Greek and Latin writings, making it a key resource for primary sources. There are more than 500 discrete volumes spanning from Homer (700 BCE) to Bede (700 CE). Most major classical authors are covered and new editions are added each year.

Editions and Adaptations of Shakespeare

Eleven major editions from the First Folio to the Cambridge edition of 1863-6, twenty-four separate contemporary printings of individual plays, selected apocrypha and related works and more than one hundred adaptations, sequels and burlesques from the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

English Drama
Contains approximately 4,000 plays by 1,200 authors from the late thirteenth century to the early twentieth century, including translations and adaptations of foreign-language plays by noted literary figures.

Project Gutenberg

Contains thousands of free, downloadable electronic books, mainly works or editions that have passed into the public domain, including many plays both in their original language and in translation.

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