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WGS 190: Gender, Science, and Technological Bodies -- Fall 2017, Roy

Freshman Seminar

Final Assignment Guidelines

Assignment Due Thursday, December 10th by 1:00 p.m.

From your "Final Assignment Guidelines" handout:

For your final assignment, you will be asked to turn in a formal essay on a topic related to the class materials and discussions we have covered in the course...

Your essay must include the following:

  • 6-8 page essay (not including your annotated bibliography), typed, double-spaced, and following proper essay format. Please turn in a hard copy to [Professor Roy's] office. Emailed attachments will not be accepted. 
  • Annotated bibliography (see "Cite Sources" section of this guide for help on Annotated Bibliographies)


iii.You must include at least two references to articles and one movie that we have covered in class.

B.Annotated Bibliography:

i.You must include an annotated bibliography using proper MLA or APA styles. Find out what an annotated bibliography is if you are not already aware of what this involves. (See "Cite Sources" tab of this guide for help on MLA and APA styles and Annotated Bibliographies).

ii.Your bibliography must have a minimum of five sources including the two class articles and one class movie. These sources may include an internet site that you have cited in your essay. (See "Evaluate Sources" tab of this guide for help on determining the quality of internet sources.) But you must also include one of each of the following:

a.A scholarly article from a feminist journal. (See "Find Articles" tab of this guide.)

b.A book by a single author OR an edited collection. (See "Find Books" tab of this guide.)







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