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LACS 265WR Visitor Meets Native : Tourism and its encounters with Caribbean economy, politics and culture: Final Assignment

This guide is designed to help students with their research project for Professor Godard's Spring 2018 class.


Final assignment

You will be split into groups;

Each group will prepare a presentation that will examine a tourist site within the greater Atlanta area

Examples can include, for example:

Coke Museum; Atlanta Jewish Center; MLK Heritage site; Civil Rights Museum; Stone Mountain Park

(students from different countries have option to examine site from your own home if you prefer)

You will need to

  • Consult site’s web site
  • Summarize how site presents itself –what does it strive to do and how
  • Prepare some historical context, which will require some research into newspaper archives online at Emory
  • Then conduct analysis of specific constructions of place and/or identity that the tourism site promotes


For this latter stage you can look for academic articles for guidance but the basic questions you want to ask are

  • What sort of cultural narrative is being generated? Is it centered on a place, like the US South, or it global, like Coke?
  • Is it premised on a shared commitment to an ethical ideal, like racial/religious tolerance? Or is the presumed commonality among museum-goers an investment in identity formation via consumption?
  •  And what about zoos and aquariums: are these spaces in which he are inspired by a common sense of dread and terror, as with sharks and snakes,  or rather a sense of kinship with less threatening animals, such as the primates, or dolphins?
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