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Political Science General Research Guide: Where Are Reports, Policy Papers, etc.?


Grey literature may be very important for a number of topics; these are articles, reports, etc. from various organizations, individuals, etc. that are not the typical "peer-reviewed" literature.  However, this literature is oftentimes extremely well researched & cited (although again, it will be difficult to locate the "paper trail" for these works).  To the right, you will find some recommended places to start for this literature.  One author caveat involves working papers or conference papers.  It is usually best to determine first whether these papers have been published before using the working/conference paper version, since these are usually "drafts" of a more revised article.

Recommended Resources

There are numerous public policy institutes and research programs across the country that provide insightful analysis of numerous public policy/affairs issues. A few are highlighted here. For a longer list, divided by state, please visit the Stennis Center for Public Service. The Stennis Center for Public Service is a federal, legislative branch agency created by Congress in 1988 and is located near the campus of Mississippi State University. Many of the public service/policy institutes and think tanks listed have a state-specific focus. For a larger listing of relevant think tanks and policy institutes, please visit the University of Michigan Think Tank Guide.

You may first wish to try out POLICYFILE, a database that collects and organizes numerous

For international relations and foreign affairs, first check out CIAO--clunky interface, but good content.

Recommended Organizations

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