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Boilerplate content for research guides: discoverE help videos

This unpublished guide contains copyable/linkable generic content for other guides.

Use discoverE to Search by Call Number

Finding an item by its call number in the Emory University Libraries is easy when you use discoverE. And you can use a call number to browse the shelves, too!

Use discoverE to Find Items by Date

You can refine your search in Emory University's library catalog using discoverE -- limit your search to a single date or a range of dates to improve your results.

Use discoverE to Refine Your Search Results

Searching for items in Emory University's library catalog, discoverE can yield thousands of results. Refine your search using dates, topics, genre, date, and more.

Use discoverE to Request an Item from Storage

Occasionally you may be interested in accessing a book or journal in the Emory Libraries that is kept in storage. You can use discoverE to request those items.

Use discoverE to Recall a Checked Out Item

If someone has an item checked out and you need it for your research, you may check it out with your Emory account in discoverE.

Use discoverE to Request a Book from Emory's Oxford Library

If an item is checked out from the main library on campus, there may be another copy available from Emory's Oxford library. Learn how to request that copy in discoverE.

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