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American Politics Research Guide: Judicial Politics

Recommended Resources

The Supreme Court compendium : data, decisions, and developments

KF8742 .S914 2007 (REFERENCE)

Excellent resource for trends, data, statistics, etc. on the U.S. Supreme Court. Extremeley comprehensive!

LexisNexis Legal (part of LexisNexis Academic)
Limited version of the full database--option is on the left side of the screen. Useful
information can be located under "Legal News," "International Legal Materials" (source
for treaties, UN resolutions, and other key international documents), "Law Reviews"
(which indexes a number of key number of legal journals). Most of the indexed articles
are relatively recent. For articles going further back, you may wish to visit Hein Online.
These law journals provide you with a great number of other references in various
formats (journals, books, other law reviews, etc.). For case documents, briefs, etc., go
under “Federal & State Cases.” Briefs are available since 1979. Note that Briefs are
limited to those cases that are granted certiorari.

Legal Information Institute
Hosted by Cornell University Law School--contains an enormous amount of legal
information, organized in a very straightforward fashion. "Law by Source or Jurisdiction"
lets you look for legal information and the federal, state and foreign level. You can also
search for legal cases on specific topics under the "Law About . . ." tab.
Appeals, Circuit, Supreme Court decisions, dissenting, concurring opinions, etc., as well
as statutes and regulations at the federal and state levels. Supreme Court Briefs at FindLaw
Available from 1999-present. The link here directs you to Supreme Court cases--from
1999 or so forward, you have access to opinions (dissenting, etc.); for other years (click
on "year"), you can download background and summaries. You can also see what other
cases have cited your particular case (a process known as Shepardizing)--also available in
LexisNexis Legal. Briefs are also available for cases from 1999-present.
Audio of Oral Arguments (as well as) of numerous Supreme Court cases.
Curiae Project--Yale University
A selection of Amicus Curiae from a number of important Supreme Court cases (NOT
Supreme Court of the US
From the very source itself. Hearings, oral arguments, etc. for recent cases.
The Law Library has a complete microfiche collection of Supreme Court documents
(opinions, amicus curiae, arguments, briefs, etc.)***

CQ Electronic Library—Supreme Court Collection
Case summaries, links to related cases, biographies and voting records of justices.
Web Resources for Foreign Law and Governments (Macmillan Library Portal)
Guide for links to foreign legal information for numerous countries around the world.
Hein Online
The JSTOR of law—backfiles of most major law reviews and journals. Note that the
quality of the search engine, however, is relatively low. Good for itnernational law in
particular ad well as treaties.

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