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RSS: Information Delivery Made Really Simple: Subscribe to Feeds

RSS is a web feature allowing you to get current updates from websites and library databases.

Subscribe to Feeds

A site’s “feed” is just the URL you need to copy and paste into your reader so that you’ll get updates. Typically the feed is indicated with an orange icon like the one below:

Once you click it, you should see the URL for the feed. Some sites have a dedicated page that lists all of their RSS feeds. Once you have copied the address you need, paste the feed URL into the box that appears and click “Subscribe” or “Add.”

You’ve now subscribed to the site’s feed. When you go to your reader page, a number will appear indicating how many new items have appeared from that site since you last read it.

Some popular feeds you might want to try subscribing to:

Site URL
New York Times headlines
Emory News
Snopes Urban Legends
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