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RSS: Information Delivery Made Really Simple: Subscribe to searches

RSS is a web feature allowing you to get current updates from websites and library databases.

Subscribe to Database Searches

More and more article databases offer RSS alerts for saved searches. This allows you to search for your topic once, then subscribe in your RSS reader to receive notifications of any new articles that match your search. Detailed steps will differ by database, but here are two examples:


  • Type your search normally.
  • From the “Send To” menu, choose “RSS feed.”
  • Click “Create Feed.”
  • Right-click the orange XML icon and copy the URL.
  • Paste the URL into your reader.

Academic Search Complete (or other EBSCO brand databases)

  • Type your search normally.
  • Click “Create alert for this search” above your results.
  • Right-click and copy the “Syndication Feed” URL.
  • Paste it into your reader.
  • This method works for other EBSCO databases too.
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