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Educational Studies Research Guide: Reference Sources

Reference Sources

Encyclopedias, dictionaries, guides, directories, handbooks, bibliographies, etc. are general reference sources. They are located in the REFERENCE section of the Woodruff Library on the 2nd floor.

Use reference books to look up terms, people, issues, topics, statistics, citations, etc. for background information.


International Encyclopedia of Education (2011 Edition)

Provides excellent literature reviews, bibliographies, and updated scholarly research on almost all major aspects of education.  Many bibliographies also provide significant cross references/links to articles in Elsevier.

Other Highlights
from the educational studies reference section in Woodruff Library include:

  • Education Statistics of the United States
    REF LA201 .E38
  • Encyclopedia of Education
    REF LB15 .E47 2003
  • Encyclopedia of Education and Human Development
    REF LB15 .E473 2005
  • Encyclopedia of Educational Research
    REF LB15 .E48 1992
  • Historical Dictionary of American Education
    REF LB15 .H57 1999
  • World Education Encyclopedia: A Survey of Educational Systems Worldwide
    REF LB15 .W87 2001
  • Encyclopedia of the Social and Cultural Foundations of Education
    REF LB17 .E53 2009
  • Handbook of Educational Ideas and Practices
    REF LB17 .H267 1990
  • Philosophy of Education: An Encyclopedia
    REF LB17 .P485 1996
  • Encyclopedia of American Education
    REF LB17 .U54 2007
  • International Encyclopedia of National Systems of Education
    REF LB43 .I584 1995
  • Handbook of Educationial Psychology
    REF LB1051 .H2354 1996
  • Handbook of Research on Teaching
    REF LB1028 .H315 2001
  • Education and Technology: An Encyclopedia
    REF LB1028.3 .E17 2004
  • Education and Sociology: An Encyclopedia
    REF LC189.95 .E38 2002
  • Historical Dictionary of School Segregation and Desegregation: The American Experience
    REF LC212.52 .R34 1998
  • Historical Dictionary of Women's Education in the United States
    REF LC1752 .H57 1998
  • Encyclopedia of Multicultural Education
    REF LC1099.3 .M58 1999
  • Encyclopedia of African-American Education
    REF LC2717 .E53 1996
  • The African-American Education Data Book
    REF LC2717 .N47 1997
  • Encyclopedia of Special Education
    REF LC4007 .E53 2007


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