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LGBT Newspapers, Journals and Magazines Quick Index: J

This guide will provide you with an alphabetical list of thousands of print resources available to you at Emory.


Janus Society Newsletter - Microfilm 4398: Reel No. 53

Gay Rights Movement - Series 8

Coverage: Feb. '63 - Aug. '67

Jewish Gaily Forward - Microfilm 4457: Reel No. 32-34

Gay Rights Movement Series 9

Coverage: Sept. '77 - Mar. '04

Journal of Gay and Lesbian Politics - Coming Soon

Journal of Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Identity - Print
(Current Title: International Journal of Sexuality & Gender Studies)

Journal of Gender and the Law - Electronic or Print

Journal of Gender Studies - Electronic or Print

Journal Homosexuality - Electronic or Print

Journal of Lesbian Studies - Print

Journal of Men's Studies - Electronic

Journal of Sex Research - Electronic or Print

Journal of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association - Electronic

Journal of the History of Sexuality - Electronic or Print

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