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LGBT Studies Microfilm Research Guide: American Radicalism

Alphabetical list of materials on microfilm that are available to Emory faculty, staff and students relating to gender, sexuality, and queer studies.

The American Radicalism Collection: Radical and Reactionary Politics in America

This collection focuses on a wide range of viewpoints on political, social, cultural, and economic

issues. Some of these groups include: Black Panther Party, Christian Right,and the Women Against Pornography.

It is broken down into four distinct parts.


Part One: Leftist Politics and Anti-War Movements - Contains 85 Reels

Part Two: The Religious and Radical Right - Contains 22 Reels

Part Three: Race, Gender and the Struggle for Justice and Human Rights - Contains 85 Reels

Part Four: Twentieth-Century Social, Economic, and Environmental Movements - Contains 44 Reels


Call No.: Micfilm 4374

Reels: 237 Reels

Online Guide to the Collection: Click Here

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