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*African Studies Research Guide: Posters

Covers major background sources, databases and web sites related to African Studies


Posters from the Herskovits Library, Northwestern University



                                                                           Isolate apartheid : sanctions now, victory to the ANC. ANC, 198?

                                                                              AIDS [crossed out] : the Socialist Party of Azania, 199?




Digitized and Cataloged African Posters: Posters from the Herskovits Library of African Studies

The Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies at Northwestern University maintains a comprehensive collection of posters published in Africa and elsewhere. The posters provide a unique resource to carry on research in a broad range of disciplines by consulting the visual image created by governments (independent and colonial) and international agencies, as well as political, labor, social, religious, educational and cultural organizations. On this web site, 366 posters, selected as a representative sampling of the collection, are available for searching and viewing.

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