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Criminology & Miscarriage of Justice

Reviews reference books, databases and web sites dealing with criminology and miscarriage of justice including capital punishment.

Statistical Sources

General Criminology


Bureau of Justice Statistics
This is the best place for U.S. criminal justice statistics on the web. .

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics , U.S. Department of Justice- data pertaining to all aspects of criminal justice in the United States

Uniform Crime Report (UCR) , FBI, - provides criminal statistics nationally, as well as by region, state, and city.

Georgia Crime Information Center (Georgia Bureau of Investigation)


To locate other statistics, use:

Statistical Abstract of the United States (1878-date) GovDoc C3.134:year ;latest on Ready Ref.

Annual publication that includes a wide variety of data from U.S. federal government and other sources. Contains excellent indexing and footnotes. Use to find data and as an index to other data sources.

Lexis-Nexis Statistical (1973-present)
Online source of statistical information issued by U.S. federal & state governments, selected private publications, and major international intergovernmental organizations. While some data is included, the database primarily refers you to publications in print, microfiche or the web which include the actual statistics.Check EUCLID to see if library has the publications abstracted. If they are not available check the following fiche collections: micfiche 494, American Statistics Index; micfiche 486, Statistical Reference Index; and micfiche 510, Index to International Statistics.

FED STATS is a gateway to the statistics from over 100 federal agencies.


Capital Punishment & Judicial Error


Capital Punishment , US Bureau of Justice Statistics- criminal justice statistics, includes information on publications, press releases, and other BJS services.

Death Penalty Information Center contains a variety of statistics including characteristics of death row inmates and the Execution Database with facts on all exectutions since 1989.

Innocence Project

National Registry of Exonerations (University of Michigan Law School)


If you need to analyze data, contact:

Electronic Data Center,ECDS

The Electronic Data Center,part of ECDS on Level 3 of Woodruff Library will assist patrons in identifying and accessing quantitative data sources that are appropriate for their work. In addition, the Center will assist patrons in getting their data into their desired formats and will provide basic assistance in using statistical packages. Please note, however, that the Center does not actually perform analyses for students or help them interpret what their results mean.

For assistance with identifying, accessing, and formatting numeric data, contact Dr. Rob O'Reilly, Coordinator, Data Services ( or 404-727-6129).

The Data Center Home Page

The Data Freeway - a thematically-organized collection of links to on-line data sources

Of Interest: National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (ICPSR)

EDC maintains the following specialized list: Selected Resources for Sociologists

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