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A Spanish and Portuguese Language & Literature: Web Resources

Webpages from Spain & Latin America

Base de datos de libros editados en España
Database from the Spanish Ministry of Culture. The database fully allows searching for books published in Spain. Publishers can also be searched.

Biblioteca Ayacucho Digital
Full text access to over 100 texts in the Venezuelan government's Biblioteca Ayacucho collection. This series of books contains excellent critical editions of many of the most important Latin American literary classics. Also included are collected works of major authors and important historical works about Latin America.

Biblioteca Virtual Miguel Cervantes
A website containing many full text link.

Centro Virutal Camões
Website for the Instituto Camões contains good links for Portugese language, literature and culture. Full text documents available in the virtual library.

Iberian Studies Web
A multi-disciplinary site covering Spain and Portugal.

Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC)
A vast, comprehensive, must-see website produced at the University of Texas at Austin.

PORBASE: Base Nacional de Dados Bibliográficos
Portuguese National Bibliographic Database. An online database containing over 1,500,000 entries from libraries all over Portugal.

La Real Academia Española
A useful gateway not only to the Royal Academy's Library, but links to publication catalogs and online access to the Royal Academy's Dictionary of the Spanish Language.

Traces: Base de Dades Bibliografica Llengua i Literatura Catalanes
Described as the MLA for the Catalan language. The database contains over 90,000 entries for Catalan language literature, literary and linguistics.




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