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A Latin American & Caribbean Studies Guide: Latin American Article Databases

Latin American and Caribbean Databases

Start with these databases when identifying articles on a topic about Latin America and the Caribbean.

Access NewspaperArchive  (includes newspapers from Jamaica)

Brazilian and Portuguese History and Culture : The Lima Oliveira Library The online archive includes around 2,750 pamphlets, from the Oliveira Lima Library housed at Catholic University. Most of the pamphlets relate specifically to Brazil.

Caribbean Newspapers 1718-1876 A collection of fully searchable 18th- and 19th-century Caribbean newspapers which the evolution of the region across two centuries chronicled within more than 140 titles from 22 islands. Good for     Essential for research on colonial history, the Atlantic slave trade, international commerce, New World slavery and related topics

Chicano Database  The Chicano Database is a comprehensive bibliographic index representing all types of material for information about Mexican-American topics and the only specialized database for and about Chicanos. Updated quarterly, the Chicano Database provides extensive coverage from the 1960s to the present, with selective coverage dating back to the early 1900s. Records added since 1992 have expanded its scope to include the broader Latino experience, including Puerto Ricans, Cuban Americans, and Central American immigrants.

Clase  1975 to present  Clase is a combined periodical index produced at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Articles, essays, book reviews and other information are indexed from journals published in 24 Latin American and Caribbean countries as well as publications with a Pan-American focus. Subject coverage includes the humanities and social sciencesThis database does not provide links to the full-text of articles.

Dialnet A table of contents index from the Universidad de La Rioja. Indexes primarily journals from Spain but is also adding many from Latin America and other countries. Searching does NOT include subject headings or descriptors. Many citations include link to full-text of article and/or abstract of the article.

Digital National Security Archive Database of searchable, full-text collections of declassified documents in areas of U.S. foreign policy and intelligence. These include material related to U.S. policy in Chile, El Salvador & other Latin American Nations

Federal Broadcast Information Service (FBIS), 1975-1996 Electronic Index Digital index to the daily reports issues by the US government from 1975-1996.

Fuente académica  Coverage varies  Fuente académica is a periodical index of scholarly journals from Spain and Latin America with links to the full-text of all articles. This multi-disciplinary database offers full text content to many academic areas including business & economics, medical sciences, political science, law, computer science, library & information sciences, literature, linguistics, history, philosophy and theology. Includes a few titles in Portuguese and English.

Handbook of Latin American Studies Volumes 1 (1936) through 49 (1989)

Handbook of Latin American Studies Volume 50 (1990) onward

1936 to present  This online bibliography provides citations in the humanities and social sciences for monographs and periodical articles pertaining to Latin America and the Caribbean. The annual print volume of this title alternates between the humanities and social sciences and can be found at Z1605.H3.

HAPI Online: Hispanic American Periodicals Index  1970 to present HAPI is the major index to periodical articles about Latin America and the Caribbean. HAPI covers all fields from popular topics to current events to history, literature, sciences and social sciences. The 500 source journals are in Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, German, and Italian. Some citations contain links to the full-text version of the article. The print version of this index can be found at AI3 .H58.

Informe! Provides access current full-text, Spanish language and bilingual magazines. Covers cultural and social issues, politics, current events, and other topics of general interest.

JSTOR Provides the full-text of articles from the backfiles of a vast number of scholarly journals. There are no recent articles in JSTOR (the most current five years). You can limit your search to just education journals.

LAPTOC  1994-2009; The Latin American Periodicals Tables of Contents database, or LAPTOC, provides access to the tables of contents of journals published in Latin America and the Caribbean. LAPTOC consists of 975 academic and research journals published in 29 countries in the region, including bibliographic references to more than 340,000 articles in the area’s major languages.

Latin American Newsletters  1970 to present An excellent source for current events in English.  Emory has online access to Weekly Report; as well as the monthly  the regional reports for Mexico; the Caribbean & Central America; the Andean Region and Brazil & the Southern Cone.

Latin American Newspapers from the World Newspaper Archive A collection of historical newspapers 1800-1922 from most of the nations of Latin America (Spanish, Portuguese and English)

Latin American Newsstand 2005 to present Latin American Newsstand is a full-text database of over 35 leading newspaper titles from Latin America (including Brazil and Puerto Rico). Also included are regional magazines and wire services. Each issue of every newspaper is indexed thoroughly so that the database is cross-searchable. Citations are available for articles in all the source publications. Abstracts allow researchers to save time by allowing them to identify the complete articles they need. Full-text articles are also instantly accessible for all of the titles.

Latin America Print Confidential 1833-1969 The documents of Confidential Print: Latin America, issued by the Foreign and Colonial Offices, cover the whole of South and Central America, plus the non-British islands of the Caribbean, from just after the final Spanish withdrawal from mainland America in the 1820s to the height of the Cold War in the 1960s

Latinobarometro 1995 to present  Latinobarómetro is an annual public opinion survey, conducted since 1995, that involves some 19,000 interviews in 18 Latin American countries, representing more than 400 million inhabitants. Latinobarómetro Corporation researches the development of democracy and economies as well as societies, using indicators of opinion, attitudes, behaviour and values. Its results are used by social and political actors, international organizations, governments and the media. Aggregated/₄topline₄ results from the data are available via the ₃Online analysis₄ section of the site. The underlying data files are available via the ₃Data Bank.₄ The data are available in SAS, SPSS, and Stata formats.

Latino Literature 19th Century to present  A full-text collection of U.S. Latino literature. When complete, it will include 100,000 pages of fiction and poetry and 450 plays, representing the Chicano culture and all the different ethnicities of Latin American writers with a Hispanic background working in the United States. Although the collection includes materials from the 19th century, the vast majority of the materials are from the Chicano Renaissance to the present.

LILACS - Latin American and Caribbean Literature on the Health Sciences 1982 to present  Covers literature related to the health sciences published in Latin America and the Caribbean

Periódica   1975 to present  Periodica is a combined periodical index produced at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Articles, essays, book reviews and other information are indexed from journals published in 24 Latin American and Caribbean countries as well as publications with a Pan-American focus. Subject coverage is for the sciences. This database does not provide links to the full-text of articles.

Project Muse  Provides access to scholarly journals published by major university presses. Project MUSE covers the fields of literature and criticism, history, the visual and performing arts, cultural studies, education, political science, gender studies, and many others.

Redalyc Red de Revistas Cientificas de America Latina y el Caribe, Espana y Portugal. Full text database of Latin American journal in the Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities from the Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico

SCIELO The Scientific Electronic Library Online- is an electronic full text virtual library covering a selected collection of journals from Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Spain and Venezuela. Most of journals are in the physical sciences. SciELO includes some journals in the humanities, literature and lingusitics.

Vida publica en la Argentina contemparanea 1999 to Present This online datebase by the Centro de Investigacion y Documentacion de la Vida Publica provides scholars with information about some of the major significant social and political movements in modern Argentina.

World Scholar Latin America Archive  Database contains over 1 million pages of primary source material dealing with Latin America. The materials come from both the colonial and national periods.  Click on the Historical Collections tab for the complete list of collections

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