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Find Articles at Woodruff: Full text articles and e-journals

Full text articles and e-journals

Most databases actually provide, or link to, the full-text of at least some articles. The description of the database, which you can get from Databases @ Emory, tells you whether there is any full-text.

Many databases that don’t have full-text articles have buttons like this  next to the citations.

The Find It @ Emory button next to a citation means that one of the Emory Libraries should own at least some issues of the journal mentioned in that citation. Clicking on the   button will bring up a menu of Emory’s holdings for that journal.

Four Ways to Get the Full text of an Article

When you are searching for an article in a library database and you want to get the fulltext of the article, there are 4 possible scenarios you could face.

Scenario 1: The fulltext is available in the database you are searching. EASY! (click to view)

Scenario 2: The "Find it @ Emory" button leads you to the fulltext in another database. There are two steps in this process. (Click to view)

Scenario 3: The "Find it @ Emory" button does not lead to the fulltext, but we have the article in the print copy of the journal in the library stacks. There are 4 steps in this process. (PDF file)

Scenario 4: We do not have the article online or in print but you can order it using Interlibrary Loan. There are a number of steps to this process. (PDF file)

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