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British Parliamentary Papers Research Guide: Guides

General Guides

British Official Publications (1971)

Z2009 .P45 (Stacks)

A well-laid out, easy-to-use guide to official publications of all types.

Guide to British Government Publications (1980)

Ref. Z2009 .R62 (Stacks)

Provides information about government agencies and the publications they issue. Especially good for its historical view.

An Introduction to British Government Publications 2nd edition (1973)

Z2009 .O4 1973 (Storage)

Another fine guide to official publications.

Official Publications in Britain (1983)

Z2009 .B93 1983 (Storage)

A nice guide to parliamentary, departmental and local government publications.

Parliamentary Publications

A Bibliography of Parliamentary Debates of Great Britain (1956)

Z2009 .G7 (Storage)

A detailed outline of and guide to the instruments that have recorded Parliamentary debates from 1066 to 1955.

Guide to the Records of Parliament (1971)

CD1063 .B63 (Storage)

"This guide describes the complete range of records preserved within the Palace of Westminster: the records of both Houses of Parliament; all documents which have been presented to the two Houses or purchased by them; and the papers which have accumulated in the various Parliamentary and non-Parliamentary offices of the Palace." (Preface)

The Records of Parliament: A guide for genealogists and local historians. (1964)

CD1043 .G7 (Storage)

A briefer guide than the one just above, this is written for the non-specialist.

A Short Guide to the Records of Parliament. 3rd edition (1980)

CD1063 .B635 (Stacks)

This is a guide to the manuscript records of Parliament, written for "Members of the two Houses of Parliament." Nevertheless, it is a very useful guide for the Emory researcher.

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