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British Parliamentary Papers Research Guide: Non-Parliamentary Publications

Non-Parliamentary Publications

Non-Parliamentary publications are official publications generated by various government agencies but not presented to Parliament. Prior to 1921 almost all documents of importance were considered Parliamentary Papers but in that year a change resulted in many of these documents being switched to the Non-Parliamentary catagory. Thus, as we have seen, Royal Commission Reports are considered Parliamentary Papers while a report's supplementary evidence is considered Non-Parliamentary. Papers that were considered Parliamentary before 1921 can be located in the various Indexes to Sessional Papers but those that became Non-Parliamentary Papers after that date must be sought in the Stationery Office Annual Catalogue or the Catalogue of Government Publications of the HMSO or in the Catalogue of British Official Publications Not Published by HMSO. The following is a selection of non-parliamentary titles:

Annual Abstract of Statistics (1840/53 to present)

Ref HA1122 .A3 (Most recent issue in Reference, previous issues in Stacks)

Also available online at :Annual Abstract of Statistics

The library has the print version from 1959 to present. This is a compendium of statistics on a wide variety of subjects for Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Britain: An Official Handbook (1949 to 2001)

DA630 .A183 (Storage)

Offers basic factual and statistical information.

British and Foreign State Papers (1812/14 to 1967/68)

JX103 .A3 (Stacks)

This publication includes charters, agreements and protocols (also found in the Treaty Series of the Command Papers) as well as many major public documents relating to the foreign affairs of Britain, other countries and international bodies. The series begins with all documents which were considered operative in 1815 regardless of their original date. The library's holdings are complete except for 1851/52-1854/55; 1889/90; 1894/95.

Documents on British Foreign Policy, 1919-1939 (1946 to present; in progress)

DA566.7 .A18 (Stacks)

This series contains documents drawn from Foreign Office archives relating to British foreign policy between 1919 and 1939.

Documents on British Policy Overseas (1984 to present; in progress)

DA588 .D63

This series is an ongoing selection of documents from the Foreign Office archives covering British foreign policy from 1945 to 1955. Each volume has a Table of Contents that lists the records contained therein and notes, by means of bold type, documents reproduced on the supplementary microfiche.

Guide to Official Statistics (2000)

HA37 .G5816 1990 (Stacks)

Produced by the Central Statistical Office, this work lists statistical sources by subject.

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