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British Parliamentary Papers Research Guide: Indexes & Catalogs

General Indexes

The Stationery Office Annual Catalogue (1996 to 2001 and 2008 to 2013)

Z2009 .G822 (Stacks)

In 1996, the Stationery Office, in a privatization move, took over most of the publishing and distribution functions of Her Majesty's Stationery Office, or HMSO. Their catalogs succeeded those of HMSO as important records of government publications. Both the Monthly and Annual Catalogues are indexed.

Catalogue of Government Publications (1949 to 1996)

Z2009 .G822 (Stacks)

The HMSO catalogues have been published under a variety of titles, Consolidated List of Government Publications, Government Publications, HMSO Annual Catalogue.

Catalogues and indexes of British government publications, 1920-1970. 5 volumes (1974)

Z2009 .G8215 1974 (Stacks)

A reprint of the annual catalogues from 1920 to 1970 and of the indexes covering 1936 to 1970. Woodruff library holds the first three volumes only.

Annual catalogues of British official and parliamentary publications, 1910-1919. (1975)

Z2009 .G821 1975 (Stacks)

Reprints of the Quarterly List of Official Publications and the Quarterly List of Parliamentary Publications, 1910-1919.

Annual catalogues of British official and parliamentary publications, 1894-1909 (1975)

Z2009 .G82 1975 (Stacks)

Reprints of the catalogues covering 1894-1909.

Catalogue of British Official Publications Not Published by HMSO (1980 to 2000)

Z2009. C37 (Stacks)

Volumes from 1980 to 1996 have the phrase "Not Published by HMSO." These are published bi-monthly with annual cumulations and list the many official publications issued by government departments, agencies and other bodies as well as by commercial publishers. Emory does not subscribe to all of these but individual titles can be found in discoverE.

Indexes to Sessional Papers: Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Numerous general and special indexes exist for the British House of Commons Sessional Papers. The Sessional Indexes prepared by the House of Commons Library form the last volume of Papers for each session and so are easily identified in the microfiche collection.

Indexes to Sessional Papers: Twentieth Century

Specialized Indexes: Chairmen and Authors

Specialized Indexes: Command Papers

Specialized Indexes: Foreign Affairs

Specialized Indexes: Royal Commissions

Non-Parliamentary Publications

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