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U.S. Environmental Policy: Policy & Law

Learn how to find the hot topics and the legislation, debates, and stories behind the issues.

Laws - State, City, County, & Federal

LexisNexis Legal - Includes federal and state laws (aka codes). Click on "Federal and State Codes" link. Then, in the sources drop-down box select state or U.S. codes.

LexisNexis State - Includes state bills, statutes, regulation, issues, National Council of State Legislatures briefs, reports, and magazines.

For municipal codes and ordinances, most of these are available on individual city/county web sites. Municode has the largest list of municipal codes online freely available.

Georgia's Laws: Rules & Regulations

State Policy Issues

Council of State Governments Coordinating group that analyzes and investigates state issues and policies.

NGA Center for Best Practices Provides environmental policy support to governors.



Salt River Project

Credit: Salt River Project. Shows sixty SunCatcher solar dishes installed in Peoria, Arizona, to form the 1.5-megawatt Maricopa Solar project.

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