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Primary Sources Research Guide: Examples of Primary & Secondary Sources

Examples of Primary & Secondary Sources





African-American Studies

Collected letters and speeches of Martin Luther King

Text of US Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Public Law 82-352 (78 Stat,. 241)

ICPSR data set #6537, American National Election Studies 1948-1994

Book: Encyclopedia of African-American Civil Rights (1992 - )

Book: Judgment days: Lyndon Baines Johnson, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the laws that changed America (2005)

Web site for The King Center

Web site for a Civil Rights Timeline


Paintings by Monet

Book: Monet by Himself: paintings, drawings, pastels, letters (1990)

Art collections at the Musee Marmottan Monet


Book: Critical readings in Impressionism and Post- Impressionism (2007)

Journal article: “The Colour of Monet” in World of Interiors (1981)

ARTStor database


Correspondence of Benjamin Disraeli

Contemporary parliamentary debates featuring Disraeli, as reported in The Times of London

Book: Disraeli: a brief life (1996)

Journal article: “Disraeli and the Suez Canal” in British History Illustrated (1975)

Disraeli, a 1929 movie starring George Arliss, available at Emory's Music & Media Library


Albert Einstein’s diaries in the Einstein Archives Online web site

Web site for the Einstein Papers Project

Book: Subtle is the Lord: the science and life of Albert Einstein (1982)

Audio recording by Edward Teller, “The Size and Nature of the Universe [and] The Theory of Relativity” [1957?], available at Emory's Music & Media Library

Women’s Studies

Margaret Sanger Papers Project

Records of the American Birth Control League, 1917-1934

Gerritsen Collection database

Book: Margaret Sanger and the birth control movement: a bibliography (1986)

Women and Social Movements database

Journal article: “The History and Politics of Birth control: a review essay” in Feminist Studies (1979)

Primary vs Secondary Sources

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