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Environmental Sciences Films: Documentaries by Subjects

Documentaries available for classes, Emory clubs, and personal viewing.

Can't Find What you Need?

The subject lists are not exhaustive and do not reflect all of the documentaries the Emory Libraries own. Related films purchased for anthropology, women studies, African Studies, and history are not included. Suggestions to locate a film:

  1. Search DiscoverE by documentary title
  2. Contact a librarian for assistance locating films on your topic.
  3. Contact your librarian to request he/she to purchase films/documentaries

Environmental Studies Subject Lists

The following links take you to DiscoverE for films available in the Music & Media Library. When browsing for films view all the pages in a subject. The titles are not sorted in chronological order, so the latest films are mixed throughout. To see the latest films, change sorted by from relevance to date-newest. 

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