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Environmental Honors & Independent Research Guide

Finding Books

Use DiscoverE to locate publications the Emory Libraries own on your topic.

Tips for success:

What do you type in search box? Keep your search short and simple. Examples of good searches are:

  • conservation and Kenya
  • climate and policy
  • Georgia and transportation  

When to use books? Use books for the background or history of your topic. For instance, if you are studying the impact of Georgia laws on urban sprawl you may not find a book on this specific topic but you should find a book on policy and sprawl that will discuss known national and international problems. 

LibX is a browser tool that you can install on your computer to identify if Emory owns a journal or book you find anywhere on the web.

Call Numbers (Finding Books in the Stacks)

Most of the Emory libraries use the Library of Congress classification system of letters and numbers to group materials by subject. These call numbers are listed in discoverE and marked on each book. Use our call number guide to find out which floor of the library has the book you need.

Installing LibX


  • Install LibX for Chrome (LibX is no longer supported for Firefox)
    • Go to LibX
    • If you are on campus, LibX should recommend the "Emory University Edition". Click on the link.
    • Click on the blue button with the text "Install LibX Emory University for [browser name]"
    • Click on the grey button with the text "Add LibX 2.0 Emory University Edition to Chrome". If there is a pop-up window, click on "Add extension"
  • Click here to set Emory University in your Google Scholar preferences.

Questions or Problems? Contact Us


If you have been using the LibX plugin successfully and it has stopped working correctly, try updating the plugin. It's easy to do:

  1. Click on the LibX icon in your menu bar (it looks like the Emory shield).
  2. Click on "About."
  3. Click "Change edition" and search for Emory. Use the "Load this edition" link to get the newest version of the LibX plugin.
  4. Restart your browser to complete the update.


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