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DVD-LEND at the Music and Media Library: Home

Learn the basics about DVD-LEND circulation privileges and how to find them EUCLID. Includes handy instant search links.

TV on DVD at the Music and Media Library

One of the many strengths of the Music and Media Library's DVD-Lend collection is its large selection of whole seasons of popular television. In addition to many new and current titles such as The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead, the collection also includes many classic TV shows.

How are DVD-LENDs selected?

The Lending Collection includes many recent, popular or in-demand titles. It excludes very expensive and hard-to-obtain discs. Titles frequently used for classes are in the Lending Collection only when the library holds more than one copy. In keeping with the library's emphasis on supporting research and instruction, DVD-LEND items may be booked by instructors for classroom use or put on course reserve and thus restricted to use in the library. Any title may removed from the lending collection if the library staff determines that is in the best interest of the Emory community.

Restrictions on Use

DVDs are lent for the purpose of viewing in the home or showing in official Emory classes only. Other uses, including showings on campus, may violate terms of the license pertaining to the title. The borrower is responsible for observing all licensing restrictions and pertinent laws. Please contact me if you need further information.

DVD-LEND collection expanded

I am pleased to announce that the Music and Media Library is rolling out a greatly expanded collection of DVDs for checkout under the DVD-LEND program. About 9,000 titles are now DVD-LEND, or more than half of the approximately 15,000 total DVDs in the collection. Previously, about one third of the collection has been DVD-LEND. (For more information about DVD-LEND circulation policies, click here.)

The purpose of this change is to make the media collection more easily accessible to the Emory community as a whole. Considering the high circulation rate of DVD-LEND items, only a small number of individual DVDs have turned up lost or damaged, suggesting that we could expand the collection further. Special thanks to Colin Bragg and Alfredo Villar for developing streamlined methods to process the DVDs, and to the student assistants at Music and Media for doing the bulk of the work.

As always, the Music and Media Library may remove a title from DVD-LEND at any time if it is booked for class by an instructor or placed on reserve. Typically, high-cost items or rare and out-of-print items are not eligible for DVD-LEND. If you wish to suggest a particular title for consideration, please feel free to email me. Please include: your full name; email address; title of DVD; call number of DVD.

James Steffen
Film and Media Studies Librarian

What is DVD-LEND?

The Lending Collection at the Music and Media Library consists of a selection of DVDs (over 3,750 titles) from the general media collection that are available for two-day checkout to Emory students as well as to other selected borrowers. These appear in EUCLID and DiscoverE with the item type DVD-LEND next to the call number:


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