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DVD-LEND at the Music and Media Library: Circulation Policies

Learn the basics about DVD-LEND circulation privileges and how to find them EUCLID. Includes handy instant search links.

Circulation Policies for DVD-LEND

Circulation Policies:

Emory students and qualified University staff can check out up to 3 DVD-lends for a 3-day period. Each item can be renewed online one time. All DVD-lends are due by the time the Music and Media Library closes on the due date.

For a complete and detailed description of all current circulation policies for all library patrons, visit the following site:


Overdue Fines:

For all items not returned by closing on the due date, the borrower will be fined $1.00 per day.

After 12 days, the borrower will be billed a minimum of $100.00.

Who qualifies for 3-day loans?

The following borrowers make take out DVDs with the item type DVD-LEND for up to 3 days:

  • Current Emory students
  • Employees classified by Emory as University staff and by the Emory Libraries as staff.
  • Spouses and domestic partners of Emory faculty members.

Other borrowers, including staff of Emory Healthcare and other Emory-affiliated organizations, have library-use-only privileges for all DVDs. If you have questions about your privileges, please contact a Music and Media Library staff member.

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