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Anthropology 385SWR Global Health: Anthropological Approaches: Country Information

Spring 2009, Dr. Peter Brown

To find background information on your country

For general, background information on your country try the links below.

WHO World Health Organization Country Profiles
Lists basic health information and statistics as well as basic demographic statistics about each country.

Europa World (reference source, individual countries)
BEST place to get a summary of recent history/events in a country (
Go to the "Country Profile" /"Recent History" section).  Covers political and economic information for over 250 countries and territories.  (Also available in print at REF DESK D2 .E821 2005.)

EIU Portal put out by the Economist, this portal has links to the EIUs great quarterly/annual country reports and profiles among other things.  A good source of information for current developments and trends in political, social and economic affairs across the world.


Also, see the Statistics tab in this guide -- sources like the World Bank's World Development Indicators Online give you all kinds of stats about a country (# of physicians/population, # of TVs/household, GDP,  -- you name it...) that can help you get a picture of life in a country.

News/Local Perspective

News sources from your country can provide the local perspective on an issue.

Factiva (general, international, business)
Similar to Lexis-Nexis Academic (another news source with international titles),  Factiva is primarily a news database. You can search approx. 8,000 publications in 22 languages (as well as 9,000 Web sites). Great for getting the local perspective on your issue by reading the local newspapers from countries around the world.
NOTE: Factiva requires the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, version 5.01 or higher, running on a Windows computer only. Factiva is not compatible with Netscape browsers or with the Macintosh OS at this time. Emory's license to Factiva supports two concurrent users; please use the "logout" button when you finish your session. is a portal to media from Africa -- great way to get access to African media sources.

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