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Spanish 460: Drawing the Line: The Mexico-U.S. Frontera and its Stories: Internet Resources

This guide is designed to assist students in Professor Hartfield-Mendez's Spring 2018 Course with their research

Mexican Links

El Universal

Articles on migration from one of Mexico's most important newspapers

U.S Sources

Historic Mexican & Mexican American Press

Materials from historical U.S. and Mexican sources from the Border Region.

Useful Internet Sites

 Andanzas al Web Latino

Link to web guide for Border and Latino Sources by Molly Molloy of New Mexico State University.


Anti-Immigration Groups

Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence Report with links articles selected groups who promote stricter immigration policies..

Latin American Association

Web site for the local advocate group located in Atlanta.


Web site for the League of United Latin American Citizen ( A Hispanic Advocacy Organization) .


Web site for the National Council of La Raza ( A Hispanic Civil Rights & Advocacy Organization) .

Pew Hispanic Center 

Link to the web site of the portion of The Pew Hispanic Center  dealing with immigration. The site also contains other useful information about the Hispanic population in the United States.

U.S. Census Bureau

Click on 'American Factfinder' to see updated figures from the 2010 Census for Spanish speaking and Latino populations in the United States.


Wilson Center Mexico Institute

Webpage for the study of Mexico by the Washington D.C. based Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

Spanish Links

El Pais

The Reforma migratoria EEUU and related from Madrid's leading daily newspaper, El Pais

La Vanguardia

Articles dealing with immigration from Barcelona's Spanish daily newspaper La Vanguardia

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