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Grants, Foundations, and Scholarships: Emory Resources

Guide to research grants, fellowships, and scholarships

Emory Resources

Campus Units Supporting Grants and Research Funding 
Emory University has numerous staff and operational resources to assist members of our community in discovering and applying for the wide range or financial programs available to theinformed scholar and researcher. The following Emory offices are worth exploring:

Emory Office of Financial Aid assists Emory students in finding financial aid, including information on the Emory Advantage program.

Emory Office of Sponsored Programs works with the Emory community to help identify, obtain, and administer extramural funding in support of the mission of the university. OSP provides pre-award support and guidance to faculty and staff for all such sponsored program activities.Their web site provides links to information on training, forms and agreements, and Emory's Office of Research Administration web applications.

Emory Office of Grants and Contracts Administraion provides post-award support and guidance to faculty and staff for all sponsored program activities. OGCA provides central oversight for fiscal activities, labor and effort reporting systems, and develops, analyzes, and negotiates institutional rate agreements for all grants awarded at Emory.


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