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Data Resources for Economists: CD-ROM/Non-Web Databases

This guide is a collection of links to commonly-used data resources favored by Economists.

CD-ROM/Non-Web Databases

Consumer Expenditure Survey (CES) Microdata
The CES is conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and provides data on the buying habits of consumers within the United States. For a given year, the data files consist of (a) quarterly "interview" surveys and related expenditure data, which provide information on households' income, demographics, and expenses, and (b) "diary" surveys that provide detailed data on short-term expenses for frequently-purchased items. The Data Center has microdata files on CD-ROM from 1996-2008, while the BLS has microdata files for 2005 onwards. Some CES microdata are also available via the ICPSR and via the National Bureau of Economic Research. Aggregated data and statistics from the CES and more detailed information about the survey are available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Current Population Survey Merged Outgoing Rotation Groups (MORG) Data
The CPS MORG Data consist of data from households that are being rotated out of the CPS sample, either temporarily or permanently. The files contain data for items such as labor force status, industry and occupation of employment, weekly earnings (not annual earnings/income), and standard demographic information. More information about the contents of the MORG data is available via the National Bureau of Economic Research. Note that the MORG data are not the same as the data from the Annual Social and Economic Supplement to the CPS that is conducted in March of each year. Patrons interested in the ASEC data should go to the NBER's collection of CPS data files, to IPUMS-CPS, or to the DataFerrett instead.

Datastream Advance
Datastream Advance is a very comprehensive source for data on exchange rates, interest rates, prices, stocks, and various other macroeconomic and microeconomic data. It is available on workstations in Center for Digital Scholarship. Access to Datastream is limited to current Emory faculty/staff/students and is for academic use only.

Data Services

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