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Data Resources for Sociologists: Public Opinion and Survey Data

This guide is a collection of links to commonly-used data resources favored by Sociologists.

Public Opinion and Survey Data

The Afrobarometers are an ongoing series of surveys conducted amongst countries in sub-Saharan Africa, focusing on topics such as civil society, government, and state-society relations. Data from the Afrobarometers are available from the project site and also via the ICPSR.

International Social Survey Programme (ISSP)
The ISSP is an ongoing series of cross-national surveys focusing on social attitudes towards issues such as gender roles, national identity, and the role of government. The GESIS Data Archive is the primary data archive for ISSP data, including a search engine for ISSP codebooks and questionnaires.

Latinobarómetro Data
The Latinobarómetro is an annual survey conducted amongst 18 countries in Latin America. The survey, which has been conducted since 1995, asks respondents about topics such as globalization, democratic governance and political institutions, "social capital," the environment, and gender issues.

World Values Surveys Series
The WVS is a widely-cited series of international surveys conducted in a wide range of countries in which respondents are asked about their attitudes on various social, economic, and political topics such as trust in various institutions, views on ideal forms of government, and notions of identity and equality.

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