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Data Resources on the European Union: General EU Data Resources

This guide is a collection of links to data resources relevant for studying the European Union.

General EU Data Resources

ICPSR (Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research)
The ICPSR is the largest collection of Social Science Data in the world. Topics included in the archive include: economics, government, health care, crime, education, etc. This resource is also available via Databases at Emory. The Data Center also maintains an archive of ready-to-use ICPSR datasets which are accessible via the search engine on the Data Center home page.

Europa: The Gateway to the European Union
Europa is the offical website for the European Union. And, truth be told, the site shares some of the (alleged) pathologies of the Union, as well.

European Union Internet Resources (UC Berkeley Library)
This site from UC-Berkeley is a very useful compiliation of links and sources for reports and documents from the myriad of organizations within the EU.

Data Services

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