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Data Services: Selected Data Resources for ECON 422 (Economic Forecasting): Data Services at Emory

Sources for Monthly/Quarterly Economic Indicators

Data Services at Emory

The Electronic Data Center is now part of Emory Center for Digital Scholarship, which helps students and faculty locate numeric data and statistical information. We also help researchers manage, format, and prepare their data for statistical analysis. This guide is a collection of data resources that are potentially relevant for sociologists. This particular tab witin the guide is a collection of various links from the Data Center's website. Please note that the Data Center's website will be transitioned into the ECDS website over the next few months. - The Homepage for the Electronic Data Center - The Data Freeway, a thematically-organized collection of links to on-line data sources. The sources here are often more specialized and niche-oriented than the resources included in this guide. - Here, you'll find help resources for working with particular data resources, such as the ICPSR. You'll also find various guides for and introductions to working with particular statistical software programs (R, SAS, SPSS, and Stata). - Yes, you do have to cite your data sources. This guide will help you figure out how to cite your data in a way that is informative and useful to others. See for additional information on and discussion of data citation. - "Economics Needs Replication" - a commentary on the need for transparency in data sources and processing in Economics - The American Economic Review's Data Availability Policy - an example of expectations of transparency in economic research - Data Center contact information and hours.

Data Services

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The ECDS helps researchers with locating quantitative data and with preparing such data for analysis.
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