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Canned search links

Stable URL's linking to searches or results

Google Search Syntax

You can usually create an embedded search link for Google (web) by performing the search in the Google interface and copying the resulting url. Here is a breakdown of the search parameters by Joseph Becher.  Google can change these without notice. For updated info try this search: "Google Advanced Search Syntax."  Google Books and Google Scholar have similar parameters.
as_q=test (query string)
&hl=en (language)
&num=10 (number of results [10,20,30,50,100])
&as_epq= (complete phrase)
&as_oq= (at least one)
&as_eq= (excluding)
&lr= (language results. [lang_countrycode])
&as_ft=i (filetype include or exclude. [i,e])
&as_filetype= (filetype extension)
&as_qdr=all (date [all,M3,m6,y])
&as_nlo= (number range, low)
&as_nhi= (number range, high)
&as_occt=any (terms occur [any,title,body,url,links])
&as_dt=i (restrict by domain [i,e])
&as_sitesearch= (restrict by [site])
&as_rights= (usage rights [cc_publicdomain,cc_attribute,cc_sharealike,cc_noncommercial,cc_nonderived]
&safe=images (safesearch [safe=on,images=off])
&as_rq= (similar pages)
&as_lq= (pages that link)
&gl=us (2-digit country code in lowercase)

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