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Library Survey Results & Analysis--2013 and previous years: 2011 Comparison of all survey variables

Here is where you will find results from the library's annual surveys, links to relevant statistics, etc.


In this table, gap scores have been derived by subtracting the percentage scores for satisfaction from the percentage scores for importance. The closer the gap is to zero, the closer importance and satisfaction are balanced. Where satisfaction is less than importance, these are potential areas for improvement.


What Would You Like to Know?

The Library Survey covers a lot of ground! For what other questions would you like to see results?

What Would You Like to Know?
Faculty & Student Comments: 1 votes (20%)
Collections & Access: 1 votes (20%)
Library Services: 0 votes (0%)
Spaces & Technology: 1 votes (20%)
How users learn/prefer to learn about library services: 1 votes (20%)
Frequency of use of services: 0 votes (0%)
Services needed evenings & weekends: 1 votes (20%)
Total Votes: 5
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