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Library Survey Results & Analysis--2013 and previous years: 2011 Emory Libraries Survey--Overall

Here is where you will find results from the library's annual surveys, links to relevant statistics, etc.

Survey Results 2011

Emory University Libraries Survey (EULS) 2011—Summary Report

 July 28, 2011

Who responded?


How frequently do you use the library?


An Emory Library building in person?

·      Undergraduates use most frequently at 83.4%.

·      Faculty use the building least at 30%.

·      Humanities and Social Sciences use building most among disciplines, at 86% and 74.6% respectively.

·      Of all respondents, 80.5% say they use Woodruff Library.


Elsewhere on campus at Emory by computer/mobile device?

·      Use is up among all groups!

·      UTS survey says the percentage of students having smartphones is up from 41.6% last year to 70% in 2011.

Off campus by computer/mobile device?


·      Off campus use has changed little since last year; highest for faculty at 83.5%, lowest for undergrads at 42%.



Library Contribution to Success

Overall Satisfaction with the Emory Libraries

Priorities for the Future


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