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Development Practice: Jobs

Information resources to support Masters in Development Practice and other Emory development studies programs

Social Media & Jobs

Don't forget using social media to find employment information.


Check out to see if a group has a Facebook page. You'll find out more information about the organization and its community.


Some NGO's actively use Facebook for recruiting. For example, on Dec. 13, 2012 The World Bank sponsored a day long chat with several of their recruiters. Here is one tip that was posted to a question about job opportunities outside the Banks's official jobs page: "You may want to do some research on our website on current projects in your areas of interest, and which WB staff may be working on those projects. You could contact them directly to let them know you are interested in short term consultancy work."


Another relevant Facebook group:  International Development Jobs for Young Professionals. Here is their top twenty list of jobs sites.


Many of the other MDP programs (and other development studies programs) have useful Facebook pages and other media, e.g. Berkeley Social Media.


Join Online Communities. Network by joining online communities. Most major development websites have them, eg ELDIS Communities has over 12,000 members and numerous specialized groups.


LinkedIn. Make sure to have an updated, well-written profile. Keep it active and connect to as many recruiters as possible.  "Recuriters are on LinkedIn all the time.  You want them to see your name, your interests and your accomplishments in activities related to development."-Monthly Developments Magazine, Sept. 2013. More at LinkedIn & Breaking the Algorithm.


Blogs/Twitter?  Even in an age of information overload, it can be helpful to participate in these kinds of social media to get/share information and get your name out there. Check out organization websites for blogs to participate in e.g World Bank blogs Also read How to Blog for Professional Success in International Development, A Grad Student's Guide to the International Development Blogosphere  or FollowMe.IntDev.Com: International Development in the Blogosphere which include recommendations for blogs worth following. Five Rules for Using Twitter as an Aid Development Professional is a quick, humorous reminder about Twitter.There are a number of blogs that have a focus on employment in development work such as  Getting a Start in Humanitarian Aid Work by Nick Macdonald. 


Want to start your own blog/twitter feed?


Craig Zelizer notes in  Guide to Blogging for Peace & Social Change that blogging is the new CV. The library and ECIT offer workshops on blogging/twitter, etc in workshops like "Managing Your Online Presence."  Check out upcoming classes.


Remember having an online presence makes you indexable on the web.


Check out: How Social Media Can Influence Your Job Search


Many development jobs are with groups that have gotten contracts/grants from aid agencies or governments. Knowing who has gotten what allows you to contact them directly for employment:

Top DfID contractors: A Primer (U.K. Department for International Development)

 Almost all large aid groups list their contracts/projects/grants, eg

World Bank:Projects and Operations

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Grants Awarded also Grantee Profiles

How to Get a Job ...Interviews with Recruiters & Development Workers

Interview with Eric – SolidarMed hiring team (Feb. 2014) SolidarMed is a Swiss organisation for health in Africa

Interview with Tess--International Humanity Fund (IHF) (Oct. 2012)

Humanitarianjobs Blog (Nick Macdonald) has numerous interviews with recruiters plus stores from development workers recounting how they found their first jobs."This is a blog about getting your first job as a humanitarian aid worker."

A number of DevEx career videos are "Ask the Recruiter..." e.g Ask the recruiter: Jobs with the World Bank ; Ask the recruiter: Jobs with USAID; Ask the recruiter: Jobs with UNICEF

AlertNet: Jobs

Check out the Jobs Market

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ReliefWeb: Jobs

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UN JobList

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Maps/Analytics for Job Postings

Where the Jobs are from Alertnet
NGO Aid Map from InterAction

Top Hiring UN Agencies from Analytics, UN Job List

Foreign Aid Salary Spotlight from Devex

Timing an Interview

4 – 6 p.m. Avoid sitting for an interview.

If you catch wind the hiring manager has scheduled to interview several candidates over a single day or two — or you’re applying for graduate school or some other program where such back-to-back arrangements are common — try not to be the last of the pack.

In a 2013 paper by professors from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and Harvard Business School, researchers looked at MBA applicants and found that when five similarly qualified candidates were interviewed on the same day, the last one to interview received lower scores than they actually should have. It’s a phenomenon called “narrow bracketing,” and it could apply to any situation when people have to make a large number of judgments over a short period of time. The researchers found a significant penalty, subconscious or not, to similarly qualified candidates late in the day. Might as well ask for the morning appointment if you can. --

        "The Best and Worst Times to do Things at Work," Washington Post, Feb. 19, 2014

Finding Job Openings


This is the start of a jobs/career page for development practioners. If you have suggestions for additional resources, please contact the Development Studies Librarian.


Check the Directories & Lists section of this guide to locate specific agencies to contact for possible employment. Remember: All of the big IGOs and NGOs have job sections. You can search current jobs available through CARE US, World Bank: Jobs, etc.


TIP: In addition to searching an agency's website, check them out on Facebook and YouTube for more information. Are they on LinkedIn?

TIP 2:  Hiring in development can be very ad hoc. Many jobs are never posted and filled from informal networks.

 Following is a LONG list of sources of jobs as well as career advice. Many other lists exist as well including Major Jobs Websites (Development Worker); List of Websites with International Development Jobs.( International Development Jobs for Young Professionals Facebook group); Job Search Resources for Internationally-Based Nonprofit, Public, and Multilateral Organizations (Columbia University)


  • averages over 3500 positions daily. Jobs can be searched free text, by language requirements, location, and experience.
  • Eldis: Jobs. You can subscribe to ELDIS job alerts services from daily or weekly emails or your twitter account.
  • Find a Job in Africa, contains a mix of private and public sector positions. NGOs such as Oxfam advertise on it. You can also post your resume.
  • International Career Employment Weekly  available in Library's Career Reference Collection (Level 2, across from Goizueta Business Library)
    A weekly newspaper with over 500 current international job vacancies, including hundreds of international development jobs.
  • International Jobs Center/International Employment Weekly  Parts of website are free & parts subscription. ""Our Weekly publication lists over 500 vacancies with international programs, including hundreds of international development jobs. Members can access it on the web or in hard copy sent by first class mail. Read a complete issue from four weeks ago, to see what Members receive each week. Employers, post your jobs for free in ICEW; you can afford to advertise all your openings" From website. Includes a section on Hot Jobs where "Employers urgently need candidates...
  • UNDP Jobs (United Nations Development Programme)
  • United Nations Jobs:  There are several sites but be sure to check out UN Job List by Sebastian Rottmair as well as his various guides to the UN employment system. You can also follow him on Twitter or Facebook .

United Nations: Jobs    Also UN;  UN Job List,( a non-profit website that’s dedicated to making it easy for good people to find their spot in the UN system by listing all UN vacancies in one convenient place--From website. Has some World Bank listings) Special Programs for people under 32: Junior Professional Program (UNDP & Others); SARC Program; Young Professionals Program. Note these positions are limited to nationals of participating countries

Advice: Getting a Job in Development:  UN Edition  from Chris Blattman (Columbia U. Prof) blog; How to Get a Job with the United Nations from WikiHow; Wanted:  A Job anywhere in the World with the UN

Also UN Job List Guides (by Sebastian Rottmair, of UN JobList & Little Peacekeeper):(From The Peace and Collaborative Development Network):

How to get a Job in the UN

UN System job hunting – Contract Types, Grades & Levels  (Update)

Finding that job you need to apply for! 

UN Job List: FAQ on Job Hunting Strategies

Everything you need to know about UN internships

UN Recruitment-What Steps Take How Long in the Process

Follow Sebastian Rottmair (UN Jobs List) on Twitter:  Job List; conversation  @UNJobList_news  Rottmair's blog provides weekly statistics/charts on the number of jobs posted by agency and the top viewed vacancies. UN Jobs List is also on Facebook.

United Nations Volunteer Opportunities


Student Recommended Job Sites:

Heartland Alliance. Chicago-based human rights organization with almost 1000 employees in U.S. and elsewhere.


University Career Resources:

  • The Emory Career Center is an employment search resource available to all Emory students and alumni. Going Global is a service for Emory students interested in foreign employment.The Career Center offers a variety of workshops as well as document review services. Alumni can use the Career Center for two years after graduation.

Other Career Advice Resources:

Find a Job (Development Worker). Development Worker does not list jobs but gives advice, esp. to those starting out. Includes Dissecting a Job Advertisement, the Easy Way to Network, as well as lists of major job sites and ones for smaller/niche jobs.

Career Advice From People Smarter than ME blog from WhyDev.  Use the tag "career advice" for more info.

Career Advice, pt. 1,   Pt. 2, The Basics, Pt. 3, LinkedIn & Breaking the Algorithm ;Pt.4 Your First Year After Graduate School VoxSouley blog April 2013 and on. Author, Scott Webb, has been in development since serving in the Peace Corps in 1997. Also on twitter at

Doing What You Love! A Straightforward Guide to a Career in International Development by Natasha Leite.(on order) Leite has 9 years of international develpment experience. More Natasha Leite

Getting a Start in Humanitarian Aid Work blog by Nick Macdonald, ( with much of the content also published in Getting Your First Job in Relief and Development  (emphasizes foreign employment) available via Amazon Kindle ($6). Macdonald now offers individual career coaching for a fee.  Check his blog for more info.

Getting a Job in International Development  from Chris Blattman's( Prof. Columbia Univ.) blog. Also UN edition

Blood & Milk: Careers blog by Alanna Shaikh; also offers an International Development Careers newsletter for a small fee and sells  books and coaching. 

Be So Good They Can't Ignore You from Find What Works blog by Dave Algoso

Guide to Careers in International Affairs (Including Review of Top Job Sites) also covers development. Posted Feb. 2014 by Craig Zelizer (Peace & Collaborative Development Network) Also Top 10 Suggestions and Resources for Finding Internships in Intl Development, CR and Related Fields (Jan. 2014)

How to Get a Job in Development (Oxfam)

How to Win Over a Development Recruite from Devex;How to get Your First Development Job from DevEx; How to Turn a Volunteer Gig into a Paying Job from DevEx Interviews for the International Development Sector from Jobs4development;   Preparing a CV and handling an interview ; Secrets to a Successful Phone Interview for Development Aid Job Seekers ;Development Aid Job Interview Basics: How to Answer 10 Common Recruiter Questions;It’s Your Turn: 20 Questions Aid Workers May Ask in a Job Interview; How to Dress for an International Development Job Interview

NGOAbroad. Offers fee-based services for those who want to work for international humanitarian NGOs. Services include consultations to help you develop a personal career plan, resume review, links to job openings. Also information on volunteering. FAQ

Resource Guides to Careers, Networking, Funding (and more)  in Development, CR and Related Fields, posted by Craig Zelizer, Peace & Collaborative Development Network, July 2014.

Starting a Career in International Relief and Development, posted on GlobalWA by Heather Krasna, Director of Career Services at the Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington

Starting Out in Development from WhyDev?

UN's JPO Career Management (includes Junior Professional Program (JPO) career path stories) Also excellent specific advice on preparing a CV and handling an interview.

Working World: Careers in International Education, Exchange & Development

Links to even more advice!


Find additional career advice thorough the library catalog discoveE. Try typing in "nonprofit careers" or
Nonprofit organizations -- Vocational guidance

Other Library Guides to take a look at: Careers: Goizueta Business Library (includes links to possible interview questions) and Careers. Also Goizueta Library's Alumni Career Research, Non-Profit Consulting, Guide to Non-Profit Lists


Of interest:  Internships in or related to Africa (Africa South of the Sahara website/Stanford); Health Related Jobs: Africa (University of Pennsylvania); Finding a Summer Internship in Global Health  (Karen Grepin's Global Health blog)


Got a job and now you're doing the hiring or running the show? Check out InsideNGO,  a membership group that supports administrators of NGOs to achieve operational excellence. Find personnel templates, salary and benefit trends, practical information on government regulations and taxes, etc. Over 300 NGOs are members and support each other with training, information sessions and advice.


Something else to be aware of:  The Aid Worker Security Database (AWSD)




External Fellowship List for Professional Development 2014-15

The Emory MDP team's list of external fellowships and early career training opportunities that offer exciting possibilities for transition into full-time employment. These are paid, temporary placements (lasting from several months to two years) with U.S. federal agencies, INGOs, and IGOs (inter-governmental organizations).


Emory University Laney Graduate School Grant Notices

This page collects notices received at the Laney Graduate School about fellowship or grant opportunities that may be of interest to Emory graduate students.

Grant Forward (formerly Illinois Research Information Service Grants Database (IRIS)

Search the Grant Forward  for funding opportunities in every field from agriculture to zoology. . NOTE: Emory Univsrsity subscribes to this database. You need to connect on campus of use VPN if you are off campus. 

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