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Collection Management@Emory: Introduction & Contacts


Collection Management Team:

Chris Palazzolo, Director of Collection Management

Chuck Spornick, Director of Services

Kim Collins, Humanities Team Leader

Susan Bailey, Library Assessment Coordinator

Amy Boucher, Head of Access Services

Sandra Still, English Literature Librarian



Chris Palazzolo, Head of Collection Management and Soclal Sciences Librarian, Chair

Kim Collins, Humanities Team Leader

Kristan Majors, Sciences Team Leader

Chuck Spornick, Area Studies Team Leader

Marian Kelly, AMS (Acquisition and Metadata Services)

Susan Kellett Gue, E-Resources/Content


Jessie Copeland, Director of ECR (Electronic and Continuing Resources Team)


The mission of Collection Management at the Woodruff Library is to develop, manage, and evaluate collections to support advanced teaching and research at Emory University.

What products and services do we provide?

  1. Building research collections:  Acquire new and build existing collections for the Main Library to support not only current teaching and research needs, but also to meet Emory’s future, long-term research interests
  2. Evalute and assess the quality of collections and how they support research
  3. Partner with other Emory libraries, and with libraries in the region and the nation to build distinctive collections
  4. Market new acquisitions and collection services to our users
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