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Collection Management@Emory: e-journals@Emory (Lists and Projects)

Criteria for going e-only

Criteria and Considerations

We developed a series of conditions for going e-only that needed to be met in any license between Emory and a publisher.    Listed below are the four conditions that were requirements:

  1. Content: the content available online meets or exceeds that available in print 
  2. Archival Rights: the license terms grant perpetual access to the volumes/years subscribed 
  3. Use of online content: the license terms grant the right for Authorized Users to print and download articles in reasonable quantity from the online version. In addition, the design of the publisher’s website allows for printing from a PDF file. 
  4. Electronic Reserves: the license terms grant  the right to link to content or to post content from Emory's eReserves service

We also developed conditions for when it was appropriate to keep the journal in a print format:  loss of content with the electronic over the print that negatively impacted teaching or research, substantial inhouse use   of a print title (or circulation), and an Emory affiliation with the editorial board.

MBP 2011

For the last four years our collective focus has been on larger science and social science publishers.     We recommend that for MBP11 a focus on smaller science publishers, including society and academic presses.

MBP 2011 Publishers for E-Only

  1. American Society for Biochemistry
  2. American Society for Civil Engineers
  3. American Society for Microbiology
  4. American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
  5. BioOne
  6. Brill
  7. Company of Biologists
  8. Ecological Society of America
  9. Endrocine Society
  10. Elsevier
  11. Herpetologists League
  12. IEEE
  13. Karger
  14. Maney
  15. Nature
  16. Optical Society of America
  17. Wiley


    Publishers selected on Dec. 20, 2011.  Focus was on life sciences;  small society presses in the sciences.



    MBP 2010

    Moving beyond paper 2010

     The fifth year of our Moving Beyond Paper initiative reviewed current journal subscriptions with the following publishers:

    • Allerton Press
    • Guilford Publications
    • Royal Society
    • American Physical Society
    • Karger
    • Portland Press
    • Royal  Society of Medicine
    • Royal  Society of Chemistry
    • Royal Society of Edinburgh
    • Springer
    • Wiley-Blackwell (review)

    A Systematic Review
    Emory librarians completed a systematic review of approximately 480 journals offered by these publishers to determine the appropriate format for these titles (164 titles were from the Woodruff collection; the balance from Health Sciences Center Library).   Print copies of these journals will no longer be received beginning January 2011.

     Before we consider a title for e-only format, several conditions must be met, ranging from assurances that the content online meets or exceeds that in print, to archival rights which grant perpetual access to the volumes/years subscribed. In making recommendations library staff also have taken into consideration the usage of the journal or book (both in print and electronic formats) and the usability of the content.

    SFX Holdings 2013 (For Comparison Purposes)

    eJournals 2013--ESSENTIAL DATES

    July 15, 2012--Review Begins

    August 15, 2012--Review Ends

    Fall 2012--Faculty Review


    ECR has compiled a list that contains all our current print subs, many of which also have e-access/availability. ECR ihas added a field to the existing spreadsheet that indicates if we are receviing both print and e subscriptions.  Note that in some cases, e may be available, but we only receive print.    The spreadsheet has been divided up by call number range.  Please indicate whether you are ok to go e-only on each individual title and whether or not aggregator access rather than an institutional subscription is allowable.  Not all these titles will meet MBP criteria for perpetual, archival access or current content (i.e., no embargo).  If no 856 PURL is included, you may need to check if an e-version is available.  The review of licenses will be performed by David, based upon e-access preferences of individual liaisons.  

    Revision (7/16/2012): Realizing that a month is quite restrictive for this work (and has some have discovered, is more time consuming than expected), we are asking that liaisons make as much progress as possible by August 15.  If a title still needs further review, and you have not had a chance to do the necessary research, please indicate that further review is still necessary in the e-only preference column (Column A).  Feel free to include additional notes in column L.

    Subscription Lists for eJournals 2013



















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    (Note: by call number, not journal title!)

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